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Ship faster and smarter with last mile Delivery

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Last Mile Delivery Optimization

Maximize Efficiency

Capacity-based dynamic allocation ensures you get what you need when you need it

Meet Appointment Timeline

Proactively meet the precise appointment, get rid of delivery issues, and ensure it's in the correct place

Dock scheduling

Expedite Order Deliveries

Increase On-time-full-deliveries for time-sensitive orders so that your business can continue to function smoothly

Receive udates from every step of the way

Get proactive notifications and alerts on your purchase order or parcel shipments

Notification Engine
Last-mile delivery

Improve Customer Experience

Optimize your orders based on weight, time-sensitive, or just a specific zip code and improve the customer line rate utilization

Drive the best ROI on your driver fleet

Maximize driver efficiency by saving time and money on empty runs

A cost-effective way of delivering goods with predictive routing algorithms

Fleet Maintenance Expense
Capacity Based Allocation

Enhance logistics operations

Eliminate costly idle time and avoid empty runs by utilizing our driver pool effectively and increasing performance

Get Your Money's Worth With Last-Mile Delivery

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