Unleash the Power of pre-shipment Planning

Intelligent consolidation and fulfillment solution

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Pre-shipment Operations

The Power of AI and Workflow Automation 


Segment your orders and improve the on-time deliverability


Consolidate orders to effectively manage load service


Optimize and level up utilization of your cargo spaces with ease


Gain real time insights on location and cargo spend

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Advanced machine learning

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Secure and own your data

Inclusive Digital Growth For All Suppliers & Logistics Service Providers

Accessible Digital Transformation

Machine learning solution for all

Deep artificial intelligence expertise

Process automation for all

Seamless workflow events and actions

Advanced integration for all

Multi enterprise integration capabilities

Affordability for all

Serving customers irrespective of the transaction volume

The Best Way to Pack and Ship

Smart Package Visibility

Identify the right cartonization and gain visibility into product line item handling units.

We are simplifying LTL and parcel shipments

  • Efficient packaging
  • Increase efficiency
  • Sustainable shipping
  • Product unit level visibility
3D Load optimization design

A New Way to Load Your Cargo

3D Loads Design

Consolidate your shipments packages and effectively utilize your equipment cargo spaces with our 3-Dimensional visualization platform

  • Maximize efficiency
  • Container utilization
  • Sustainable shipping
  • Save transportation costs

Context-driven Modes of Operation

Loads Management

Define your template for FTL, LTL, Parcel, FCL, LCL

Go-Live with a few clicks!

  • Increase productivity
  • Configurability

Know Your Roadmap to Risk-free Routes

Smart Route Forecast

Dynamic routing optimization to enable sustainable routes and improve efficiency

  • Expedite delivery
  • Increase operational efficiency
  • Decarbonization
  • Reduce transportation costs

Autonomous slot booking before shipment journey

Dock Scheduling

Dynamic appointment booking with supplier chain partners warehouse or terminals on the go

  • No Manual Work
  • Automatic Notification
  • Faster execution
  • Dynamic Rescheduling

The Definitive Guide To Pre-shipment Planning and Orchestration

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Driving Sustainability with Pre-shipment Planning Software

Consumer Goods

Consumer Goods

In a race to reinvent business for future growth and value creation

Logistics & Transportation

Logistics & Transportation

Connecting businesses with their customers across industries



Global uncertainty over raw materials and supply-demand fluctuations, businesses lack visibility

Pharma & Health Science

Pharma & Health Science

Heavily regulated industries in the world needs to stay compliant and improve its supply chain networks

Food & beverage

Food & beverage

To fuel demand, collaborating with suppliers to enhance products availability through various distribution channels

Empower Your Logistics Team

Truly Optimize Shipments​

Preshipment Planning Resources

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