The Next Gen Purchase Order Visibility

Perfect balance of efficiency and agility

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Purchase Order Visibility

Low Code Visibility Platform 


Unified platform to interact with your suppliers & other vendors


Cut down cycle time and enable seamless purchase journey


Gain real time insights on your shipments deliverability

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Advanced analytics

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Data security

Inclusive Digital Growth For All Suppliers

Democratizing Digital Transformation

Data driven innovation for all

Deep artificial intelligence expertise

Low code platform for all

Secure your future digitization demands

Advanced integration for all

Multi enterprise integration capabilities

Affordability for all

Serving suppliers irrespective of the transaction volume

Make it easy for your team to do what they do best

Purchase Order Requisition

Minimize administrative effort and make sure that your requisitions stay accurate at all times

  • Streamline communication
  • Increase efficiency
  • Fast forward decision making
  • 360-degree visibility

Define the approval workflows and provision 360 degree visibility

Workflow Automation

Automated workflows to reduce the chances of manual errors leading to security breaches or inconsistencies in approvals being granted or denied

  • Thought leadership
  • Reduce manual effort
  • Smarter business
  • Reduce cycle time

Reducing inefficiencies has never been easier than this

Purchase Order

Get an instant view of all your orders and their statuses, automate purchase order approvals and control the entire purchase process with just a few clicks

  • Intuitive experience
  • Simplified workflow
Purchase Order Visibility-Journey

Build your network, not your vendor list

CRM Network Visibility

Open network to build relationships with vendors and partners in the same way as traditional businesses do without locking yourself down to one vendor

  • Less administrative effort
  • Open access
  • Bridge communication gap
  • Source of truth

Simplify your business. Leave the paperwork to us!

PO Invoice and Docs

Define your templates and automate purchase order invoices, sales order invoices, delivery receipts, and vendor statements with only a few clicks

  • Improve efficiency
  • Increase productivity
  • Audit trail
  • Sustainable shipping
PO Invoice-Requisition

Deliverability. Know where your goods are!

Shipments Visibility

Make smarter decisions with real-time location intelligence and unlock the power of the data in your supply chain

  • OTIF performance
  • Always in the know
  • Predictive analytics
  • Perfect order

Keep your data in control and sync


Experience the connected mobility platform, which enables you to provide interoperable systems and seamless synchronization

  • Unmatched sync
  • Process workflow
  • Faster execution
  • Cost effective
Purchase order Integration

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Consumer Goods

Consumer Goods

In a race to reinvent business for future growth and value creation



Global uncertainty over raw materials and supply-demand fluctuations, businesses lack visibility

Pharma & Health Science

Pharma & Health Science

Heavily regulated industries in the world needs to stay compliant and improve its supply chain networks

Food & beverage

Food & beverage

To fuel demand, collaborating with suppliers to enhance products availability through various distribution channels

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