Top 3 Characteristics of Multi-Country Supply Chain Suite


Top 3 Characteristics of Multi-Country Supply Chain Suite

Today, businesses need to take the time to implement a comprehensive partner network to ensure business continuity and reap the benefits of their value chain. The more robust the network, the more likely you will be able to enable business continuity, even if an adverse or other unforeseen event takes place.  

SMBs and enterprises typically engage with several suppliers and logistics service providers situated in different locations to deliver a smooth customer experience. The combined value chain represents a new way of managing the business and relationships with other supply chain members by leveraging the synergy of intra- and intercompany management and integration with total business-process excellence.  

Given the widespread economic disparities among network participants, digitization capabilities and fine-tuning collaboration are easier said than done, resulting in a shaky supply chain that makes it impossible for them to collaborate effectively.

Also, the complex nature of supply chain operations and the ever-changing environment can make it difficult for companies to achieve their strategic goals.

To realize the full potential of your supply chain network – Businesses require digital capabilities that can be deployed across sites, scalable enough to provide global coverage with end-to-end visibility across pre-shipment, in-transit, and post-shipment phases of the supply chain; and, on the other hand, drive sustainable way of shipping to create a greener planet.

Settyl multi-country supply chain solution that runs on Low Code Visibility Platform assists businesses with three essential characteristics and enables the digital realization of current and futuristic challenges.

Multi-enterprise supply chain  

Agile enough to readily react to sudden changes in demand and supply.  

The need for a solution that caters to customer behavioral changes and time to market has increased the complexity of the supply chain. In this increasingly complex world, it is becoming difficult to efficiently manage all the moving parts in a company’s value chain from supplier to customer.  

Settyl connects disconnected systems to enable integration across enterprise boundaries and execution in-sync by integrating systems & processes at every stage. The execution-ready capability provides a flexible architecture that can adapt to changes in the process or business needs and address critical challenges such as lack of visibility into shipment status, inaccurate data, limited addressability, and high costs.  

Multi-tenant supply chain 

Adapt and standardize processes as much as possible to enable efficient operation from multiple delivery sites and global teams to reduce dependency on country-specific functioning.  

Companies have more opportunities to form alliances with other businesses as the world becomes more interconnected. However, there are both advantages and disadvantages to this approach. With so much data being shared across different systems, data integrity and efficiency in processes is necessary to maintain control over the data streams. An AI-powered Settyl solution can be of great value to help companies manage a vast amount of data more quickly and efficiently, thereby empowering the decision-maker with better visibility at the organizational level, which allows for increased collaboration and greater control over decisions.  

Multi-context supply chain

Personalize to meet your niche region-specific pain points and align the interests of all members of the supply chain network to optimize performance.  

Settyl next-gen context-based supply chain framework and its ability to create, distribute and share information across various modes of transport, including Full truckload, Full container shipping, less-than-container loads, less-than-truck loads, parcel deliveries, and courier services, have the potential to transform the way we see transportation operations as a whole. It means that all suppliers in the supply chain will be able to think and act unified rather than thinking of themselves as separate entities at different points in the value chain.  

Finally, with advances in Low-code platforms, multi-country operations can be simplified and even more efficient.  

With a settyl multi-country supply chain solution, SMEs and enterprises can reliably find significant gains in operational and logistics efficiency by taking advantage of our low-code visibility platform. As a result, we expedite deliveries and work to streamline the processes, which saves your time and capital costs. The result is a vast improvement in how you digitally interact with the world and direct your attention to the core business while settyl solving your digitizing needs.  

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