Supplier Engagement

Simplify collaboration & Procurement


An effective way of simplifying your procurement process is to identify reliable vendors and have a full grasp of the situation

Easy Onboarding

Automate and reduce the amount of effort and time spent on onboarding your supply chain business partners


Streamline communication and ensure that your suppliers are always up-to-date with the latest documents, tasks, and deadlines


Our intuitive platform simplifies the entire purchasing process, from sourcing to payment, giving buyers and vendors the power to collaborate and manage their purchases with ease

Quality Audit

Get peace of mind knowing that your procurement process meets the highest standards of quality, compliance, and efficiency


Gain comprehensive insights into every aspect of your quotation and procurement operations to help you make smarter decisions faster

Supplier Engagement Suite

Uncover sources in the supply chain, simplify the procurement process, and ensure quality control to ensure that products consistently meet standards

Get your suppliers up and running with ease, making it easy to check their credentials, complete due diligence, set up contracts, and more


Solicit information/quotation from suppliers/vendors prior to purchasing the products you desire by using Request for Information and Request for Quote



Carefully evaluate quotes from potential suppliers and vendors to find the best match for your needs. Track all bids to make an informed decision and choose wisely



Get real-time insights into every step of the purchasing journey, including sourcing, purchasing, and delivering goods and services. Gain greater control over your supply chain, reduce costs, and improve overall efficiency

Purchase Order Visibility-Journey

Ensure that the products from suppliers meet the outlined purchase order specifications and that suppliers maintain an agreed-upon standard

quality inspection

Explore Supplier Engagement Application Suite

Core Functional Points

CRM Network

Open network connections to onboard suppliers quickly and centralize customer data to enable real-time access, so as to gain insights into customers' behavior, preferences, & needs

Product Quotation Management

Streamline the quotation process to consistently improve sales efficiency, reduce errors, increase customer satisfaction, and maximize the profitability of each sale

Purchase Order

Improve the accuracy and efficiency of the procure-pay & strengthen relationships with suppliers, by using a shared system that allows for real-time collaboration

Connected Supply Inventory

Improve collaboration with suppliers and partners by tracking stock levels in real-time, leading to more efficient and effective supply chain management

Product Pricing Management

Get the ultimate edge in pricing to make informed decisions. Don't miss any opportunities to capitalize on market trends and customer behavior

Delivery Management

Get your products delivered on time, providing fast and cost-effective solutions to get them out faster, cheaper, and with improved customer satisfaction

Invoice & Documents Management

Eliminate the hassle of managing paperwork and dealing with errors by automating invoicing, packing slips, bills of lading & delivery documents on the go without compromising collaboration

Dynamic Workflow Automation

Unlock the power of efficiency to streamline processes and reduce manual tasks, providing real-time visibility into order status, inventory levels, and shipping

& Analytics

Enable lean supply chain practices by optimizing supplier engagement strategies, reducing costs, and improving the quality of goods and services received

Discover How to Transform Your Business

Outcome driven collaboration

Lean Supply Chain

Eliminate underperforming and underutilized resources in all aspects of the supply chain

Improved supplier management

Better manage relationships with suppliers, including onboarding, performance tracking, and contract management

Increase efficiency

Reduce the amount of manual work & free up resources for other business operations and help to reduce costs

Greater transparency

Gain real-time visibility into supplier performance, inventory levels, and other supply chain metrics, allowing businesses to make more informed decisions

Improve collaboration

Facilitate communication and collaboration between suppliers, reducing the risk of uncertainties or disputes

Better data analysis

Gain insights into supplier performance, market trends, and other KPIs, helping businesses to make data-driven decisions


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