Top 7 benefits of real-time transportation visibility

Real-Time Transportation Visibility

Real-Time Transportation Visibility

A real-time transportation visibility solution is a must for any company that delivers products promptly and cost-effectively. With the ability to monitor the status of shipments in transit at all times, it becomes much easier to plan and execute daily workloads while meeting crucial deadlines.

Settyl’s real-time transportation visibility ensures you get up-to-date information about your shipment and provides better control since you can be alerted if anything happens. Our notification engine provides instant alerts you can receive on your web app and device when the shipment is off-route, late, or lost. Tracking high-value items while ensuring their safety is necessary for the modern supply chain. Technology also helps to reduce fraud by making it possible to check whether irregularities are on record. In addition, it adds an extra level of protection against theft or misuse by checking that the goods are being delivered as agreed.

Besides increased customer experience, the real-time visibility feature can offer several benefits for companies regardless of size or industry. Highlighting some key components

Gain Real-time Location Insights  

· The world of global transportation is changing. From the use of drones to deliver products to the rise in driverless cars, many changes are on the horizon. The accuracy level of real-time location information allows shippers and logistics service providers to make informed decisions and be proactive rather than reactive.

Detection of Route Deviations

· Keep a tap on assigned routing and alert when drivers are going off course and adjust the route to take the shortest possible path without the hassle of constantly checking maps or constantly changing routes.

Risk Incidents and their Impact on Delivery

· Real-time data on weather and traffic-related risks can proactively alert stakeholders on potential delays and cascading effects on appointment schedules

Dynamic Rerouting

· Provide a better understanding of the predicted risk incidents and real-time intelligence on lanes to shippers and carriers to enable rerouting without compromising the appointment times.

Trip Sheet Automation for Swift Settlements

· Automating the trip sheet with real-time location information and stop points traversed by drivers following hours of service compliance and enabling them to get paid faster.

Cross-Border Congestion and Wait Time

· Border crossings have been in flux and unevenly distributed for over a decade, owing to demand-supply economics. The data collected from cross-border networks and historical analysis on every lane could help planners create and maintain better transportation routes.

Cooperative and Collaborative relationship between Shippers and LSPs

· Streamlining and creating a culture of collaboration can reduce the time it takes to transfer information between stakeholders by up to 50%. Your suppliers will stay updated on your inventory & shipping status without you having to send messages individually. Please keep track of your shipment’s location with our interactive map, and use our engine to find the information you need quickly.

In a nutshell, real-time transportation visibility provides insights into the journey of shipments in transit, leaving businesses to handle the pre-shipment and post-shipment phases of the transportation cycle.