The Supply Chain of the Future

Collaborate and Scale Your Freight Business with Ease

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Multi Country Supply Chain Software Bundle For Freight Brokers

Next generation low code visibility platform 

Multi Level Collaboration

Simplify interaction with your suppliers and LSPs by fostering data visibility with ease.

Predictive Analytics

AI/ML based recommendations to meet your customer interests and streamline performance of your network

Multi-national Transportation Coverage

End to end tracking with driver connect app, connectors, and ELD/GPS


Order Visibility

Pick and pack your orders efficiently to consolidate your shipments and expedite delivery

  • Product line item visibility
  • Accurate predicted arrival estimates
  • Real-time tracking
  • Enable supplier data visibility

Visual load planner

Drag and drop your package to orchestrate your trailer/container requirements, and optimize transportation costs

  • Automated container recommendations
  • Autonomous allocation
  • Maximize container utilization
  • In-transit payload view

Freight management

Gain access to a single platform for managing all your loads

  • FTL shipments
  • LTL shipments
  • Parcel & courier shipments
  • Ocean shipments

Customer Relationship Network Visibility

Effectively collaborate with all stakeholders on a single platform for greater productivity

  • Open Network Collaboration
  • Strategic Partnership
  • Executive level data visibility
  • Supplier Onboarding

Advanced Network Collaboration Features

Supply Chain Network Collaboration

Gain real-time insights on suppliers and logistics service providers

Cross Platform Integration

Multiple platforms. API engine. Custom code hooks. Batch processing. Integrations with ELD/GPS

Network Partners Onboarding

Multi level connectors and a driver app connect your supplier & carrier network, making the whole experience seamless.


Advanced Tracking Features

Real-time Shipments Visibility

Leverage real-time tracking of global shipments and provide predicted arrival time estimates to your customers with ease.

Location Intelligence

AI-powered tracking engine to provide real-time location updates

Reefer Container Monitoring

Effectively keep a tab on your cold chain shipments with ease

Dynamic shipping documents Automation

Quickly digitize contractual freight brokerage, shipper-freight broker agreement, and other shipping transaction-based documents

  • Paperless shipping
  • Sustainable shipping

Notification & alerts engine

Gain real-time milestones and updates on your global shipments

  • Unforeseen risks
  • Facilitate proactive decisions
  • 360 degree visibility
  • Simplify communication

Supply chain dashboards

Measure carrier OTIF performance and other KPIs to improve supply chain efficiency

  • Performance dashboard
  • Carrier insights dashboard
  • Sustainability dashboard
  • Transportation dashboard

Enable complete digital transformation and scale your freight visibility

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Key Value Proposition

  • Simplified carrier and shipper onboarding
  • Inter-operable supply chain digitization
  • Transparent supply chain process
  • Supply chain network collaboration
  • Facilitate proactive decision-making
  • Sustainable shipping function