Fleet and Equipment Tracking

Maximize the value of your assets

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Optimize your asset utilization and streamline operations with our state-of-the-art solution

Assets Management

Enhanced inventory accuracy and visibility

Effortlessly manage and optimize your fleet of trucks to streamlines your operations for maximum efficiency and cost savings

Gain real-time visibility and control over your trailers to optimize their usage, reduce downtime, and enhance productivity

Keep track of your containers with precision using our advanced management solution, enabling efficient inventory management and real-time location tracking

Improve collaboration and communication

Improve driver performance and engagement with our driver engagement solution. Motivate drivers to meet business objectives and promote safety on the road

Improve your business efficiency with milestones and workflow automation. Get real-time updates and automate repetitive tasks, helping you to achieve your business goals

Gain Spend Insights

From preventive maintenance to repairs, track every aspect of your assets' maintenance history and keep them running at peak performance

Increase Transparency and Accountability

Gain better insights into dispatch allocation history by tracking allocation patterns, optimize dispatch workflows, and streamline operations for maximum efficiency

Gain real-time insights into the utilization of your business assets, including trucks, trailers, containers, and equipment, to optimize their performance and boost your bottom line

Better decision-making with
real-time insights

Get real-time visibility of your assets, fleets, and shipments with our live tracking solution to optimize your operations and improve customer satisfaction.

Monitor and analyze driver behavior, such as over speeding to identify areas for improvement and reduce the risk of accidents on the road

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Assets Management

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