Connected Fleet and Drivers

The Comprehensive view of your fleet to make informed decisions

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Fleet and Driver Management

Fleet Maintenance Expense

Take control of your fleet

Gain a complete overview of your fleet and drivers, allowing you to better track their in-business hours, monitor driver performance, and even allocate dispatch according to their preferences

See the big picture

Eagle’s view of your operations, including driver location to see where they are at any given time. You can do this in real-time or retrospectively

Autonomous Driver Reassignment + More!
Notification Engine

Automated Milestones and Events

Get notifications on relevant events too, like when a driver is leaving an area or when a truck arrives at its origin and destination

Optimize resources and reduce costs

Designed for businesses that need more insight into their fleet operations and enable better decision-making and cost-saving measures

Dynamic Delivery Optimization

Make informed decisions that lead to better visibility

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