Autonomous Dispatch Engine

Timely Dispatch Of Shipments With Full Visibility​

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Optimize your dispatch operations and improve efficiency based on real-time truck and driver availability

Autonomous Dispatch Tracking

More effective resource allocation

Enhance your dispatch planning capabilities and improve communication across teams with a segmented approach to shipment information and driver availability

Improve your dispatch coordination and reduce delays with optimized shipment groups

Enhance accuracy in dispatch

Leverage the power of GPS-based tracking for smarter truck assignment and efficient logistics management

Boost your dispatch efficiency and enhance your driver's experience with our mobile app-based truck assignment system

Achieve better driver utilization and minimize empty miles with dynamic driver reassignment

Increase efficiency and productivity

Say goodbye to manual freight matching and embrace the speed and accuracy of dynamic freight matching solutions

Streamline your freight scheduling with autonomous dispatch allocation. Simplify future load contracts and shipment assignments while optimizing efficiency

Increase visibility

Keep track of packages with real-time tracking capabilities and provide deliverability insights to your customers instantly


Reduce delivery times and empower your customers to make informed decisions by providing cargo visibility using Master Airway Bills or House Airway Shipment Bills

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