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Dynamic Delivery Optimization

Capacity Based Allocation

Capacity based Allocation

AI-based shipment allocation recommendation

Purchase Order Orchestration

Enable smart fulfillment by segmenting orders for an efficient logistics workflow

Purchase Order Orchestration
Shipment Package Orchestration

Shipment Package Orchestration

Unleash the power of efficient shipping by consolidating package shipments dynamically

Sustainable Shipment Routing

Optimizing the routes to reduce fleet emissions

Sustainable Shipment Routing

Discover AI-Powered Automation To Reduce Empty Runs

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Key value proposition

Expedite Delivery

Improve the customer line rate utilization and increase on-time-in-full delivery

Reduce Transportation costs

Unleash the power of optimization to reduce the exploding shipping rates

Increase supply chain operational transparency

Reduce most time-consuming capacity validation and error-prone check calls

Increase utilization rate

Increase the economic utilization of drivers to reduce the empty runs


Enable AI-powered intelligent routing to reduce the carbon footprint

Better Customer Experience

Keep up to date events and alerts notifications to your customers and enable proactive decision-making