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Dynamic Allocation and Tracking Solution

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Dynamic Freight Matching Operations

Dispatch Matching and Assignments Made Easy

Freight Matching

Freight Matching

Empower your dispatch team with Intelligent load mapping based on historical driver information, lane preferences, and risk analysis

Autonomous Freight Allocation

AI/ML-powered algorithm that assures driver you dispatch will be the best fit for the load

Autonomous Freight Allocation
Dynamic Re-Assignments

Dynamic Re-assignments

Never have to worry about a driver not showing up again

360 Degree Visibility

Automatically keep all stakeholders up to date on where your drivers are, what loads they're carrying, and what appointments they have coming up - all in one place

360 Degree Visibility

Level up and scale your business with Autonomous Dispatch Solution

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Key value proposition

Increase Productivity

Reduce the load rejection rate and gain insights on driver’s preference based allocation

Improve Customer Service Line

Increase customer line rate utilization and delivery insights on every product shipped

Transparent Allocation

Empower your dispatch team with unbiased shipment processes and improve driver engagement

Predictive Analytics

Improve OTIF Performance with predicted arrival time estimates and enable proactive decision-making process