Freight Claims Made Easy

Adjudicate your claim process Hassle-free with proof of shipment

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Freight Claims Automation

Automated Freight Claim

Automated Freight Claim

Streamline the freight management process of shippers, carriers, and receivers and ensure your business can move faster in every sense


A digital store for proof of shipment pickup, delivery, and more enables faster claims than ever

Workflow Automation

Workflow automation

An automated transition that saves you time and effort. There's no need to worry about forgetting any essential steps because our system does it all for you!

You're Liable To Have Freight Claims At Some Point In Time

Make it digital


Key value proposition

Faster Processing

Reduces the chances of any delays or errors as everything is more transparent

Better Customer Experience

Enables stakeholders to take cognizance of any complaints or suggestions from the customers and helps in the faster settlement of claims

Better Coordination amongst Multiple Parties

Collaborate with shipper, consignee, and carrier using a single platform to process complicated claims swiftly

Build Better Communication

Easier for the shippers as well as the consignee to reach out to each other and get rid of the stagnant claim

Easier to Check Claim Status

Eliminate the hassle of check calls and keep a tab on the status of their claims

360-degree Visibility

Gain complete insights on claims to adjudicate and resolve disputes