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A Great Story Starts with a Fundamental Research

In the dynamic realm of supply chain management, the SaaS era has ushered in both opportunities and challenges. Companies in the physical goods manufacturing and logistics sectors are on a digital transformation journey, but it's not without hurdles.

Imagine a shipper or logistics provider navigating the global supply chain intricacies, relying on a multitude of software systems. Despite some being from renowned multi-billion-dollar giants, they fall short in meeting the evolving customer demands. As industry experts seek an all-encompassing supply chain platform, they uncover a sobering reality: the 'One Size Fits All' approach has limitations. This fragmentation extends to organizational structure and digital operations, resulting in inefficiency, errors, and a lack of cross-functional collaboration. 

Organizational fragmentation emerges as functional teams behave like separate entities, fostering inefficiencies and miscommunication. Bridging these gaps is the path forward for a resilient supply chain.

Inclusive Digital Growth For All

Our Mission

To ensure new-age Intelligent digital transformation for all Shippers, Logistics Service Providers and Freight brokers irrespective of the economic status.

Our Solution

A Great Solution Starts with a Strong Foundation

Embarking on a mission to democratize digital transformation, SETTYL transcends size and economic barriers. Our multi-product enterprise supply chain suite spans the spectrum, from supplier engagement, procurement, multimodal logistics, warehousing & inventory to smart manufacturing.

Supported by our in-house low-code platform, we redefine supply chain solutions with unparalleled adaptability. 

Our unwavering dedication to innovation and global empowerment propels us forward. Join us in forging the future of supply chain management.

Explore our platform, schedule a demo, and embrace the transformative power of SETTYL – your catalyst for success.


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Dhwarco Ministar -Chennai

Dhwarco MiniStar -Chennai

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