The Journey of Billion Miles Begin With a Thoughtful First Mile !

Continuous Improvemnt

Our Story

Stealth Mode

A Great Story Starts with a Fundamental Research

After years of evaluating every point solution provider, enterprise software vendor, and delving into market research insights, we discovered two core parallel universes in the supply chain market: multiple supply chain solutions and integration services.

Our initial dream of finding an enterprise-grade supply chain platform led us on a winding path that ultimately revealed several point-solution software vendors addressing niche pain points. Frustrated with the limited options available, we realized the industry's flawed 'One Size Fits All' strategy that falls short in the long run.

Inclusive Digital Growth For All

Our Mission

To ensure new-age Intelligent digital transformation for all Shippers, Logistics Service Providers and Freight brokers irrespective of the economic status.

Our Solution

A Great Solution Starts with a Strong Foundation

Driven by a mission to ensure new-age intelligent digital transformation for all shippers, logistics service providers, and freight brokers, irrespective of their economic status, we regrouped. Recognizing that the fragmented logistics and supply chain space demanded a personalized approach, we raised SETTYL—an industry game-changer.

With SETTYL's powerful low-code platform as our foundation, we revolutionized supply chain solutions. Unparalleled flexibility empowers businesses of all sizes to embark on their intelligent digital transformation journey. We understand the unique needs of each customer segment and provide tailor-made experiences that drive growth and efficiency.

But our story doesn't end here.

We are committed to continuous innovation, staying at the forefront of the industry. Our vision is to empower businesses worldwide, enabling them to navigate the complexities of the global supply chain with ease. Together, we can unlock new possibilities, break down barriers, and build a stronger, more resilient global supply chain ecosystem.

Join us in rewriting the future of supply chain management. Visit our business one platform, schedule a demo, or reach out to our team today. Discover the power of SETTYL and let us be your partner in success


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