Production Enablement Journey

Accelerating Your Path to Smart Manufacturing


Effective way to meet your customer demand for your products and forecasting the required production volume


Optimize your production process to meet customer demand and exceed production targets with effective strategies


Establish a quality control system to ensure your products meet customer expectations and industry standards

Scrap Handling

Implement the right techniques for managing scrap during production to cut down on waste and make your operations more efficient


Manage your finished goods inventory process to optimize the supply chain, reduce costs, and ensure quick delivery to customers


Improve customer loyalty and grow your business by efficiently fulfilling orders with your finished goods inventory

Production Enablement Suite

Comprehensive set of tools and solutions designed to enhance your production efficiency and improve your bottom line

Comprehensive list of materials and components to improve accuracy, reduce waste, and increase efficiency in production

Bill of material

Prioritize tasks, assign resources, and track progress to ensure that customer orders are fulfilled efficiently and effectively

One-click supplier onboarding

Streamlining production to increase productivity, reduce costs, and improve product quality by identifying and removing bottlenecks, reducing waste and optimizing workflows

One-click supplier onboarding

An effective way to label your products and start streamlining your inventory management process

One-click supplier onboarding

An effective inventory system can reduce waste and improve supply chain efficiency, leading to timely delivery of goods to customers


Identify and address bottlenecks, reduce downtime, and optimize processes with actionable insights to help businesses stay ahead of their competition


Explore Production Enablement Application Suite

Core Functional Points

Production Unit

Keep track and manage production locations and capacities, helping you optimize scheduling for improved efficiency and cost savings

Equipment Management

Track your production equipment closely to eliminate the chances of breakdowns and delays, leading to optimal performance

Bill of Materials

Create and manage checklist of materials and components to help increase production efficiency and accuracy, reducing delays

Work Order Management

Prioritize tasks, assign resources & track progress to guarantee that customer orders are filled efficiently and properly within a reasonable timeframe, which leads to improved customer satisfaction

Production Process

Automated order generation to significantly enhance your production process by identifying bottlenecks, reducing waste, optimizing your workflow, and increasing overall product quality

Scrap Materials Management

Optimize operations and get a better return on investment by proactively managing waste or scrap generated during production. Increase efficiency & cut down on unnecessary waste


Seamlessly manage the production process with your suppliers, from raw material procurement to finished goods delivery, reducing lead times and ensuring on-time delivery to your customers

Product Labelling

Effective way to label your products using dynamic QR/barcode labeling. Easily track and manage your products from manufacturing to shipping to customer delivery, enhancing your supply chain management

Production Routing Stages

Define and manage the various stages of your production process, from raw materials to finished products. Track progress, identify issues, and optimize your production flow for maximum efficiency

Inventory Visibility

Maximize your performance across all inventory sites. Monitor the timely delivery of your finished goods to customers and increase the efficiency of your entire supply chain process

Workflow Automation

Optimize cross-functional collaboration and data management in your production process, enabling seamless collaboration and ensuring that everyone has up-to-date information

Quality Control

Establish and enforce quality standards throughout the production process, from raw material inspection to finished product testing thereby reducing defects and enhancing your brand reputation

Fulfillment Optimization

Maximize customer satisfaction and decrease delivery times by using dynamic delivery optimization. Ensure quicker order fulfillment, enabling customers to receive their desired goods faster

Recommendation & Analytics

Ensure that your production processes are running optimally by measuring their effectiveness in real-time with valuable insights, KPIs, benchmarking and analytics

Discover How to Transform Your Business

Maximize Your Manufacturing Efficiency

Lean manufacturing

Continuous improvement, just-in-time production and standardized work focus on reducing wastage while ensuring maximum value for customers

Increased Efficiency

Lean manufacturing focuses on eliminating waste, streamlining processes, and maximizing productivity, resulting in increased efficiency and reduced costs

Improved Quality

By focusing on continuous improvement and reducing errors, Lean manufacturing leads to improved quality and a better end product

Enhanced Flexibility

Emphasizes a flexible approach, allowing manufacturers to adapt to changes in demand or production processes more quickly and effectively

Better Engagement

Empowers employees to identify and solve problems, giving them a sense of ownership and investment in the production process, resulting in improved engagement and job satisfaction

Improved Sustainability

Effective way to reduce wastage, conserve resources and limit the detrimental effects on the environment in the long run


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