Unifying Chains To Create Comprehensive visibility

Supply chain solution bundle for Shippers

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Core competency and Benefits

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Purchase Order Line Item Visibility

Product Line Item Visibility

Gain real-time location and delivery insights on every unit economics of freight

Improve Cartonization

Effectively consolidate your shipment packages and foster handling unit level tracking

Package Shipment Visibility

Increase OTIF Performance

Enable your shipment journey to provide 100% customer line rate utilization

Reduce Transportation Cost

Facilitate smart shipping process to reduce the operational costs

Detention And Demurrage

Reduce Detention and Demurrage Costs

Get notification alerts on the allowed free days breach and chargeback

Collaborative Supply Chain

Empowers your team with the right channel & platform to collaborate effectively

Collaboration With Suppliers
Open Network Collaboration

Increase Transparency

Enable shipment data and transaction visibility across your top-hierarchy and supply chain networks

Improve Logistics Routing Efficiency

AI-powered recommendations to optimize your delivery entities with economically viable routes

Smart Route Optimization