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The Next-Gen Purchase Order Requisition

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Purchase Order Requisition Automation

Inbound-Outbound Purchase Requisition

Inbound-Outbound Purchase Requisition

Keep a tap on both direct and indirect purchase requisitions with ease, as well as enable your supplier to gain visibility on the go

Personalize Requisition Template

With just a few clicks, you can upload your purchase order template and enable automation without wasting time or effort

Personalize Requisition Template
Spend Visibility

Spend Visibility

Real-time and historic visibility on purchase order requisitions to make smart decisions

Unlock Your Operational And Financial Insights

Explore the power of requisition visibility


Key value proposition

Visibility - The Power to Know

Gain 360-degree view on your requisitions from requests to approvals and fulfillment

Streamline Decision Making

Analyze what works and don't work using purchase history to make informed decisions

More Efficient than Ever Before

Easy to use intuitive user interface that keeps you engaged