Purchase Order Platform: Gain real-time product line-item deliverability insights

Purchase Order Platform

Gain real-time product line-item deliverability insights

Purchase order visibility often requires multiple-level stakeholder engagement and coordination between buyers and suppliers to ensure a seamless flow of goods/services and information throughout the supply chain. The traditional way of managing orders falls short in today’s world, where customers expect to source and procure from anywhere and track the products through an in-transit journey till delivery with minimal lead cycle time. The partner network’s standard operating procedure significantly impacts the value chain; if it’s not done right, the company could lose money, time, and resources while sacrificing its profit margin and reputation.

To serve customers across regions better, it’s essential to pay attention to the quirks of regional businesses and the changing needs of your customers by understanding their unique needs, gaining their trust, and delivering quality services.

Settyl multi-context purchase order visibility comes into play, providing a unified way of business with customers in different countries and regions. The purchase order visibility solution empowered by the enterprise Low code visibility platform offers a complete range of customization and flexibility to design, deploy and manage workflows specific to your organization’s needs.

Bringing clarity to the chaos with advanced purchase order requisition workflows

Buying a product starts with a purchase order requisition and is used for requesting a purchase, either from a vendor or an internal source, and it is the first step in the sequence of events leading to procurement. Internal sources are an extension of procurement. For example, the requisition can be for an item already available within the company, which becomes available for immediate use or sale to another part of the company or external customers.

Settyl purchase order visibility solution empowers you with personalized requisition workflows.

(1) The requestor can specify what items they want to buy and how many;

(2) The seller specifies what goods they will deliver; or

(3) Both parties can agree on how much will be delivered during each delivery period.

(4) Dynamically add suppliers and other stakeholders to make the precise call on purchase decisions

Customer relationship management – optimize and enable open network

Supply chain management is all about connecting the dots. It starts with an available network customer relationship management (CRM) model that offers a channel strategy that focuses on connecting with shippers, customers, logistics partners, and potential prospects to have an excellent customer experience.

Settyl’s open network solution enables you to have better connectivity and communicate with customers faster, perfect lead time for faster deliveries, perfect order to avoid any problem or error that could occur in the process, and minimize shipment costs by using these service providers that have a proactive risk mitigation plan in place.

With the advent of the global marketplace, our solution opens an opportunity to reach a more comprehensive global customer network and tap into new markets that are enormous to increase sales opportunities, continue to grow with the economy, and Lower storage & distribution costs.

Entity visibility to ease Intelligent fulfillment orchestration

Entity Visibility is a feature of the Intelligent Fulfillment Orchestration toolset and provides a view of the entities relevant to the fulfillment orchestration process in real-time.

Settyl entity visibility solution allows you to add dynamic Point of Action, Fulfillment, and Return centers that can help reduce customer order time by providing them with better visibility into the entire process. That includes how long it will take to fulfill their order and the speed of that fulfillment.

Real-time transportation visibility – The business mandate  

Logistics and fulfillment is a complex process involving many parts of the system. Logistics handles the movement of products from one location to the other until it reaches their destination. There are two types of order fulfillment: one that occurs in the exact location where items are purchased; and in a different place than where items are purchased. The difference between these two types of fulfillment is the cost to ship the item to its destination, determined by shipping distance, weight or volume of the item, preferred carrier, customs laws at the time of shipment, etc.

The ability to see the entire supply chain at a glance, combined with interacting directly with each link in the chain, is game-changing.

A real-time shipment visibility solution is essential for both planning and execution. Shippers and LSPs can better plan their shipments if they have access to real-time data about what’s happening on the ground where their inventory resides. Real-time shipment visibility also enhances execution by enabling shippers and logistics service providers to respond quickly and proactively when adverse events happen along the supply chain. Finally, real-time tracking protects high-value goods that require security-sensitive handling, including medicines and electronics.

The realm of product Line Item Visibility  

PO line item visibility ensures that every ordered item with the correct quantity gets delivered to the end customer on time. It is a significant step to provide customers with what they anoint.

With Settyl, suppliers and LSPs can benefit from real-time delivery insights on each product line item or SKU they ship to their customers. They can use this information to plan appropriately and forecast supply and demand for their products before they run out of stock.

Suppliers must improve their production process efficiency to keep up with demand by utilizing modern practices such as a lean supply chain. The principle behind this practice is that a company will try to produce what they need when they need it and in the quantities they need.

Settyl purchase order visibility solution helps you choose the right cartonization, opt for the right network partners, deliver the right product at the right time and improve the perfect order rate without hassle!