Real-time visibility: Tip of Iceberg for Supply Chain

Real Time Supply Chain Visibility

Real-time visibility: The Tip of the Iceberg for end-to-end Supply Chain Visibility

The key to real-time visibility is the ability to track and trace your assets. It means you can see their location, movement, and status, live and in real-time. Insights into the whereabouts of your purchases will give business owners like yourself the peace of mind that comes with knowing what could happen at any moment. When your supply chain runs smoothly, it’s effortless to grow your business.

However, unpredictable events like weather (e.g., delays, congestion), road congestion or traffic, and other outside factors can create significant disruptions in your supply chain and spike the stress levels of every team member, and lets businesses stay updated on when they should expect deliveries to arrive, among other things. With the help of real-time visibility, companies can decrease supply chain costs and create a higher-performing supply chain.

What can a Real-Time Transportation Visibility Feature offer?

Real-time transport visibility offers real-time updates on the location and status of products. They allow shippers and logistics service providers to know where their deliveries are and enable users to find out where their shipments are when they are delivered and keep track of them until they come home.

Companies may use GPS or telematics hardware to gather and disseminate information across the supply chain networks.

Real-Time Visibility – The Business Mandate

Making sure your customer receives their packages quickly is of the utmost importance. Many businesses rely on real-time updates to ensure this. Collecting real-time data about transportation allows companies to deliver what people paid for (physical products) and the intangible benefits of a better customer experience.

In addition, having accurate and timely data on shipments can be a lifesaver for companies that need to know where their supply is. For example, if there is a disruption in the line of transportation, they will be able to track shipments down without wasting time or guessing.

The ground reality is that decade-old legacy real-time transportation visibility platforms alone cannot solve the supply chain pain points and enable course corrections.

 Low-code Supply Chain Visibility platform – Miles ahead of Real-Time Visibility

Supply chain digitization challenges include the shortage of future-proof solutions that accommodate rapid changes in a short period. In addition, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to provide increasing levels of business automation as these challenges mount. In response, the low-code application platforms (LCAPs) have been improving the ease at which business applications can be delivered, providing broader capabilities requiring smaller and less specialized teams of developers.

With low code visibility platform as the foundation layer of pre-shipment, in-transit, and post-shipment solutions, Settyl provides suppliers, transportation, and distribution businesses with a platform to help them simplify their global supply chain. In addition, it offers multi-tenant, multi-context, and multi-experience capabilities for supply chain transaction workflows, business process orchestration, automated decision, AI/ML, and intelligent planning.

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