Autonomous Dispatch: How It Can Help Your Business Grow


Autonomous Dispatch: How It Can Help Your Business Grow

Businesses today need more resilient ways to handle customers to go the extra mile and provide a better experience. Most people today don’t want to wait for anything. They want instant gratification, and they want it now. This mentality can be applied both in business-business and direct-to-customer because – With the power to buy anything we need with just a few taps; we expect to have universal knowledge that the product purchased is right at our fingertips throughout its journey.

But how do we engage disconnected stakeholders like suppliers, logistics service providers, and other partners & keep them up to date on all the operational flows triggered right from the moment the purchase is confirmed?

Through dispatch tracking? No way, the legacy dispatch tracking solutions are flawed for two reasons: firstly, top-down visibility is not enough anymore as companies need a bottom-up view of their operations to respond quickly to changing customer demands, and secondly, it is hard to keep tabs on the location and status of product line item as they move through different channels and disseminate information across disconnected IT system of stakeholders.

Dispatching is essential for success. Apps that track dispatch routes can save time and effort and reduce the risks of manually coordinating each step. In other words, dispatch and tracking apps are essential to operational excellence, as they keep things running smoothly. But you have to make the right choices to do better!

Settyl Autonomous dispatch planning and tracking solution on a low-code visibility platform can help your sustainable efforts from pre-shipment to final mile delivery.

The Benefits of Autonomous Dispatch

Dispatch Planning: Streamline Your Operations

Dispatchers should be credited with a machine learning-based flexible tool to decide which drivers to assign to which routes and in what order to send them in. Settyl dispatch planning helps you deploy a scalable and configurable routing engine that can account for driver availability and multiple shipment points and handle dynamic locations of drivers to enable optimized economic utilization of all the available resources and simplify the workforce management process.

Dispatch Mapping & Execution: The Easiest Way to Match Drivers with Loads

The dispatcher must also make sure that drivers are not overloaded with work. That’s precisely why dispatchers should use AI-based automatic allocation, as it can help them handle multiple assignments and dispatch execution more efficiently.

Settyl AI/ML powered dynamic dispatch mapping allocation algorithm does the job for you and allows drivers to receive multiple assignments through the app and pick which one they want to accept. It uses historical data presets and real-time data points to automatically allocate orders to drivers based on their location, availability, and preferences, to name a few.

Real-time view of your transportation data – Stay connected and competitive

A real-time shipment visibility solution is crucial for both planning and execution. With the ability to keep track of shipments in transit at all times, it becomes much easier to ensure that deadlines are met and that your team can stay up-to-date on the progress of their work.

Settyl’s real-time transportation visibility helps you with up-to-date information about your shipment and better controls since you can be alerted when something goes wrong. For example, you’ll know immediately if the shipment is late or lost. In addition, tracking the movement of high-value goods, including medicines and electronics that demand highly-sensitive handling, could help guarantee safety. In addition to cutting down on fraud, real-time tracking provides extra protection.

Deliveries Scheduled, On-Demand, or Deferred

Partners withholding essential information from each other due to a backlash of a disconnected system can lead to inefficiencies. For example, the time it takes to transfer necessary data between partners may result in delays and continued processing without said information.

Settyl freight scheduling is a proactive approach to planning and executing future dispatch assignments at the right time and place. The built-in notification engine disseminates information across all partners, such as warehousing, distribution, logistics, suppliers, and transportation.

Driver, Truck & Trailer Optimization to Reduce Carbon Footprint

Optimization is not only about ensuring that resources are available on time for their scheduled tasks but also about ensuring they are not idle for too long.

Settyl uses real-time data and historical analysis of resources to derive the dynamic location mapping from knowing where every vehicle in their fleet is at any given time. We do this to ensure that your logistics and transportation division can efficiently allocate resources when needed and enable your organizations to improve economic utilization by optimizing resources and operating costs, thereby reducing environmental impact.

Settyl empowers SMBs and enterprises to achieve their sustainability goals with our Autonomous dispatch plan and tracking solution. 

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