Optimize LTL & Parcel Shipments: Smart Package Visibility


How to Optimize Your LTL & Parcel Shipment with Smart Package Visibility Solution?

Modern supply and logistics networks are undergoing a significant transformation post-pandemic, which has impacted countless industries and still cascading effect on global poses a substantial threat to our society. But, equally, it has pushed both business-to-business and direct-to-customer demand upward while leading to various disruptions that have increased costs. In response, businesses have been looking for ways to get back on their feet.

Can you deliver fast enough?

The new trends in conversion and retention rely heavily on the ability to deliver fast enough. If you can’t deliver quickly enough, your customers will leave for a product substitution in the global marketplace that can deliver on time or on the same day. If you don’t want to risk losing your customer, ensure delivery is as speedy as possible.

To make a cultural shift from traditional operations & processes and move toward agile and lean supply chain practices, Shippers and logistics service providers have to find creative ways to eliminate inefficiencies in their supply chain to make a cultural shift from traditional operations and processes and move towards agile and lean supply chain practices. These include developing a culture of continuous improvement.

Settyl’s Smart Package Visibility solution, which runs on the Low Code platform, helps shippers, 3PLs, and carriers to adapt to dynamic customer needs. Let’s dive into some of the critical components of Smart Package Solution, which helps businesses save money on logistics and shipment costs.

Automatic Purchase Order Segmentation and Mapping

Settyl’s Smart Package Visibility is an easy-to-use, automated solution that enables you to map purchase orders and line items in every handling unit. In addition, our system will segment your purchase order based on due dates, allowing for an improved understanding of what is happening with the purchase order and more orders per handling unit, improving your efficiency.

Smart Package Solutions for Packaging and Fulfillment: The Best Way to Pack and Ship

Cartonization is a process that helps to prevent damage to fragile goods during transport and, as such, is an essential consideration for any business looking to move goods across the supply chain. With the help of Settyl’s smart package solution, the cartonization process is much more simplified and efficient. In addition, our solution helps you reduce the amount of space needed to store all those boxes in warehouses and fulfillment centers, thereby reducing the overall shipping cost.

Consolidate shipment packages and optimize across modes.

When products are shipped, they are often subjected to various means of handling from the point of origin to the destination. This is often inefficient and can lead to mis-shipments and damaged goods. To mitigate these issues, Settyl Smart package consolidation helps you to create a multiple handling unit for each shipment that consolidates packs into a palletized format that can be more easily shipped or transported.

The size of the shipment and the capacity of handling units (LTL or parcel) can dictate the required shipment package type. Our solution helps you make a proactive decision on using a full container or LTL shipment to transport goods across country lines or parcel delivery for less expensive options.

Product Line-Item Visibility: The Unit Economics of Purchase Order

Product line visibility is a crucial component of gaining insights into individual items. This helps the company to know the inventory levels, what products are being shipped, and how many.

With automated workflows and machine learning, Settyl Smart Package Visibility helps you gain real-time intelligence on every product line item shipped by respective carriers/3PLs. This will help us map individual items in a purchase order with multiple shipment packages and loads, giving us a better understanding of the time it takes to get from origin to destination. Furthermore, the purchase order lifecycle enables us to decide to better their company’s bottom line. As a result, they can always have perfect order.

Real-time package shipment visibility: The Ultimate mandate.

A real-time shipment visibility solution is vital if you want to make better shipments and know what’s going on with your cargo. In addition, shippers & logistics service providers can react quickly when something happens in the supply chain thanks to our real-time shipment visibility. Finally, our real-time tracking is an essential component of the Smart Package Visibility solution to protect high-value goods such as medicines and electronics. This ensures that the correct people receive the proper supplies and that shipments can be tracked to remain secure.

This means that although supplying businesses with a reliable, cost-effective, and efficient supply chain has always been a competitive advantage; this edge is now being emphasized as the environment in which we operate becomes increasingly fast-paced and unpredictable. Although the complexity of logistics is increasing exponentially as well, these changes will not hinder us from finding new ways to leverage our supply chain as a competitive advantage.

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