Unified Logistics Interface Platform

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Single-window logistics platform for end-to-end visibility across Road, Ocean, Ports, Rail, and Air

Settyl ULIP Integration

Over the Road Shipment

Miles beyond track & trace operations

As a fallback option during uncertain GPS or mobile network conditions, real-time data and updates on routes can be provided during long-haul operations

Gain control over tampering of ID proofs. Monitor and regulate the practices that take place

With the increasing number of tolls and taxes across India, businesses can proactively determine their profits and get the best rates from shippers

Ocean Shipment & Ports Visibility

Single source of truth for your Import-export

Cross-border shipping is becoming increasingly complex. Now, gain access to powerful solutions that can help you manage your shipments more efficiently

Gain access to every container event, from port calls to vessel arrivals, and provide your customers with real-time insights and proactive notifications about the status of their shipments

Generate Bill of Lading (BOL), Packaging Slips, Verified Gross Mass (VGM), Shipper Instruction documents and other documents for efficient cargo movement


Gain access to Import export visibility using VCN number, bill of entry number, bill of entry date, shipping bill number 

Air cargo Shipment Visibility

For timely and safe cargo delivery, shippers must evaluate various air freight options to choose the one that best meets their needs.

While we take care of...

Keep track of packages with real-time tracking capabilities and provide deliverability insights to your customers instantly


Reduce delivery times and empower your customers to make informed decisions by providing cargo visibility using Master Airway Bills or House Airway Shipment Bills

Advanced Features

ICEGATE Integration

Gain e-filing data streams from the Indian Customs Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) Gateway System

Customs Filing

Share and collaborate with your supply chain partners to reduce the shipping cycle time


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Settyl ULIP Intergration

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