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Multi Country Supply Chain Software Bundle For Shippers

The Power of Low Code Platform 

Multi Tenancy

Efficient operation from multiple delivery sites and global teams to reduce dependency on country-specific functioning

Multi Context

Personalize to meet your niche region-specific pain points and align the interests of the supply-chain network to optimize performance

Multi Enterprise

Agile enough to be inter operable system and readily react to changes

Any Modes

Global coverage on all transportation modes with an API ecosystem, Driver connect App, and ELD/GPS based integration solution

Purchase Journey

Streamline your purchasing journey by collaborating with supply chain partners to ease the way of doing business.

  • PO Requisition
  • Workflow Automation
  • Order Management
  • PO Invoices
Smart Package Consolidation

Pre-shipment Optimization

Efficient supply chain operational planning to improvise your truck load, less than truckload, parcel, and courier shipments.

  • 3D Load Planner
  • Smart Package Visibility
  • Loads Management
  • Smart Route Forecast

Dispatch Tracking & Dynamic Assignments

Enable your shipment allocation in auto-pilot mode

  • Dispatch Planning
  • Autonomous Allocation
  • AI/ML powered Recommendations
  • Dynamic Reassignments
  • Secure Future Dispatch Assignments
  • Fleet Expense Tracking

Advanced Shipments Visibility

Product Line Item Visibility

Product Line Item Visibility

Gain Access to unit economics of shipping with out any hassle

Know More About PO Visibility
Handling Unit Visibility

Handling Unit Visibility

Enable handling unit-level visibility on your less than truckload, parcel, and courier shipments.

Know More About Package Shipment Visibility
Real-Time Shipments Visibility

Real-time Shipments Visibility

Real-time location insights and updates on your global shipments to enable proactive decisions

Know More About Multi Modal Visibility

Supply chain network collaboration

Unlock the power of your associated network by effectively collaborating with all stakeholders using the single platform

  • Open Network Collaboration
  • Strategic Partnership
  • Logistics Service Providers Onboarding
  • Supplier Onboarding

Dynamic Delivery Optimization

AI-powered capacity optimization to reduce empty runs

  • Capacity based allocation
  • Dynamic routing
  • Driver utilization
  • AI/ML recommendations
Dynamic Delivery

Intelligent Shipping Documents

Digitize transaction-based shipping documents and freight contractual brokerage agreements with ease

  • Bill of lading
  • Certificate of origin
  • Shipper letter of instruction
  • Commercial invoice
  • Shipper export document
  • Shipper contracts

User Role-based Dashboards

Configure and personalize your KPIs to get an eagle's eye view of your end-to-end supply chain

  • Supply chain executive
  • Procurement executive
  • Dispatch executive
  • Transportation executive
  • Supply chain leaders
  • Procurement leaders
  • Logistics leaders
  • CxOs

Gain Access to Next-Gen Supply Chain

Low-code supply chain platform

Key Value Proposition

VP 1

Improve Cartonization

VP 2

Increase OTIF Performance

VP 3

Reduce Transportation Cost

VP 4

Reduce Detention and Demurrage Costs

VP 5

Collaborative Supply Chain

VP 6

Increase Transparency

VP 7

Improve Logistics Routing Efficiency

VP 8

Sustainable Shipping